Degiheugi - Endless Smile

by Degiheugi

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Petter Kamhaug
Petter Kamhaug thumbnail
Petter Kamhaug There's so much awesome going on on this album, and I'm having a hard time choosing only one fav track. Degiheugi hits it out of the park this time with a perfect array of beats, samples and vocals. Favorite track: Betty.
maxime rodriguez
maxime rodriguez thumbnail
maxime rodriguez un album tout simplement énorme. Favorite track: Qu'attendez-vous de moi ?.
Eli Farnsworth
Eli Farnsworth thumbnail
Eli Farnsworth Reminds me of a fresh version of Royksopps Melody AM. Or the Avalanches.. Really awesome album. Chill, downtempo goodness. Favorite track: Kolkata.
Zack Macki
Zack Macki thumbnail
Zack Macki Great choices of samples, great production, and when an MC is on the track, they deliver! Super groovy stuff. Favorite track: A dreaded sunny day feat. Ceschi.
Pikpik thumbnail
Pikpik Degiheugi did it again:
Perfect blend of different flavours.
Dope! Favorite track: Psychoanalisis.
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Les années passent et les rangs des adeptes n’en finissent plus de grossir : c’est que la discographie, déjà fort achalandée, de Degiheugi s’étoffe chaque fois d’une nouvelle galette en or massif, composant une œuvre unique, impressionnante, dans le paysage du beatmaking français. Endless smile, sixième épisode, se révèle à nouveau comme un grand cru, immédiatement limpide, mais surtout long en bouche, chargé de persistances mélodiques intenses et de boucles qui prennent l’oreille en otage. Et quelle variété d’arômes dans l’art du sampling : cordes langoureuses, flûtes orientales, cuivres sautillants, percussions exotiques, piano intimiste, samples de blues antédiluvien ou de chanson française oubliée. Ce cépage du Grand Ouest trouve son parfait équilibre dans un esprit hip-hop, classique, intemporel, qui parcourt tout l’album en fil rouge. Quand d’autres beatmakers cèdent trop vite aux sirènes du dancefloor, Degiheugi nous transporte toujours vers ses premières amours hip-hop, pour le pur plaisir de la « belle boucle ». Et il sait pour cela s’entourer comme il se doit : les invités, fidèles comparses (Ghostown, Andrre, Astrid Van Peetersen,) ou nouveaux venus (Ceschi, Josh Martinez), se joignent à la fête avec des featurings de haut vol. Le titre de l’album sonne alors comme une prophétie: sourire éternel en écoutant Degiheugi.


released May 4, 2015

©Endless Smile Records - Degiheugi. Tout droit du producteur phonographique et du propriétaire de l’œuvre enregistrée réservé. Sauf autorisation, la duplication, la location, le prêt, l'utilisation de ce disque pour exécution publique et radiodiffusion sont interdits. Artwork : Dulk. Mastered @ Kasablanka Mastering. Tous les morceaux sont composés, arrangés et mixés par Degiheugi sauf 6 et 7 clavier et piano par Jordan Melikian.


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Life in bachelor studio Feat. Ghostown
Wake up in the morning, put on yesterday's recording
My slumber's gone since dawn and i'll be sipping coffee yawning
Get a little food to go, got me in the mood to flow
sounding like its super dope, my living rooms a studio
buttons like a rocket ship, cables hang from sockets lit
machines come and orbit shit, I think that theres no stopping it
finaly got a game plan to take away the pain man
basically im a cave man, I help you on your way
One plate one cup one pan, no washing up
cant stop coughing up, ought not to be topping up
keep the lights down dim, cos the dusts frightening
got it sussed dont begin, wasting time hoovering
guess i'm lucky cos the neighbours like the sound I make
hours 8 the same break, at some point theyre bound to break
I guess i'm actually naturally a bachelor
haute cuisine as the egg falls of the spatula

Degiheugi Ghostown
got that crazy fizzy potion
You can use it body lotion
Get your pussy juice in motion

All was going swimmingly
I got her really pissed to see
if she would come and kiss with me
but then my luck went twisted see
Took her back to the Bach pad
empty pizza boxes had, built up bottles, bring the swag
twists her nose up, smelling bad
My fridge is like a science project
Or a heineken sect
You know its vile and suspect
Youd be wise to reject
I drink my wine and forget
I dont have time to get wrecked
My only crime? im perfect
I take my time and inject
elements to captivate
push the button activate
find the words to rap a break
watch the world decapitate
the problem with these porno tapes
it makes me wanna fornicate
been out on the corner late
but I cant even form a date!
Degiheugi Ghostown
got that crazy fizzy potion
You can use it body lotion
Get your pussy juice in motion

Degiheugi Ghostown
got that crazy fizzy potion
You can use it body lotion
Get your pussy juice in motion
Track Name: The stranger Feat. Andrre & Astrid Van Peeterssen
I feel the pressure of my veins, right?
Another phantom in the daylight
You weren’t supposed to be a damn fight
The drugs are good, my pain is in flight
I feel the need to take a big bite
My heart is gone, your skin is damn white
I think I love the way you can’t hide
The love you gave me every day and night
I’m not a person, I’m a monster, I’mma let you do
Drink and abuse me like a groupie in a bed or two
I’ve been addicted to the moment I’mma let your prove
We love each other and this love is all we ever knew

Strangers are calling
Calling out my name
Those strangers aren’t my friends
Oh I could be alone, alone, alone
A long long time

I’m not a person, I’m a monster, I’mma let you do
Drink and abuse me like a groupie in a bed or two
I’ve been addicted to the moment I’mma let your prove
We love each other and this love is all we ever knew
I am a stranger and strangers are bad
Destruction is my friend, your heart is where I’m at
I do rap, I do suffer, I made a lot of errors
Now I’m back like a survivor
Tell my mother not to wait for me, me
Yeah every morning I woke up hoping that I still breath
It’s not a problem, it’s just myself and my sick dreams
I want to be an answer to your bleeding mind
So that people get to know me like:
My name is Andrre I came from a land full of cancers
Revolvers, suicidal strangers,
BANG BANG BANG BANG, They’re falling
I could be a part of them but I won’t quit
Sleeping for the thrill of it
Smoke another cigarette
Inner child is innocent
I think I need some medicine
No pain, no vitamins
A couple days away from them
Floating in my hope and I can’t seem to find my oxygen

Strangers are calling
Calling out my name
Those strangers aren’t my friends
Oh I could be alone, alone, alone
A long long time
Track Name: Bonsoir et bonne chance Feat. Josh Martinez
free will, i think therefore i am
i drink i push buttons i inspire where i can
i got heroes like chris rock and chris farley
but je ne suis pas sur que je suis charlie

i want freedom for and from the press
im not sure all speech should be free like some suggest
i think some test the waters for a darker purpose
like lets talk god and guns till someone gets nervous.

itchy trigger finger figure, im just a kidder.
i don’t got what it takes to pull the trigger
hey how you figure? my friends tell me so.
are they your real friends or are they rivals on the low

its the violence in the news, the violence in the pews
the violins are playing, but the silence is the muse
who wants to hear them truths i got some bad bad news
ya gotta love it, or leave it alone, you choose

You won’t feel a thing no more
you don’t have to feel no more.

Dont you get tired of being wired and worried, mired in burdens, you live with the fire but cant inspire the people
knocking arrows them back feeling the air barreling back
do you think love is a terrorist act

she said no everything goes
everywhere i go she said everybody knows
this is the only way that you do it so the shows
are still so fucking dope you know./

ladies lets get the music going
fellas lets get the fights started (what do it_
demanding more of myself i do the chichis for smiles
i run the label for the props, i get em playing with the wild

p-p-pow how you like me now
been around so long they say i got my own style
meanwhile back a the the ranch suckers dance
do the standard candidate pandering - no inspiration

such a wily patient is imagination
it aint dead yet but its close to annihilation.
see the pupil dilation
you can see the student get used to isolation

you can see the news is getting used to obfuscation
and you can see it too if you use some observation
they say you need to choose with no hesitation
i guess i need a vacation.
Track Name: A dreaded sunny day feat. Ceschi
Say it to my face if you mean it
Facing my demons
There's something better
Next season (x2)

Been breaking every bone
Trying to fit into this space
This box is not a home
All these monsters in my brain
Swallowing my body whole
Take me out of this place
This box is not a home
Take me out of this place

The calendar's changing
But I'm still stuck in the same
And there's no way out of this frame
That they locked me in
Growing gray with every passing day,
What a waste.
Been Reaching for deities to save me
Or for some definition of freedom
Living within levels of slavery.
Rod Stewart
Give me some sort of reason to believe
While the wonderful world of disney is burning.
now It seems
my skin
Is simply bursting at the seams
And soon
ill literally spill my guts
To paint the town red
With my blood streams.

"Awfully ominous,
Aren't we?
Existentialist Shit is boring. "
Off with his head.
Onto another story.
Gory details
Of survival
Are forming
Calluses onto my body.
Only worms will witness all of this glory.

Another dreaded sunny day
So let's find reasons to complain!
I've been around the world
And noticed
Humans suck the same.
Clichés say....Clichés say
"One day Everything will be ok"
So let's go to the cemetery gates
And wait for everything to fade away.


Make me up and paint me with a supermodel face.
New bone structure
With a more popular taste.
I'm afraid my frame is far too wide
To try to grace the pages of your magazine
So toss me with the waste.

I'm vomiting
all over fucking prominence!
Slowly Tearing the palaceTo only
Rubble and embers barely glowing

Say it to my bloody face if you mean it!
Fame is something meaningless.
Beating melodies into brains
And feeding people shit.

Isn't it awful To be tossed into potholes
Of poverty By apostles Of gold and property?
I don't even really wanna know
Where the world's gonna go
When the last body decomposes.
Hopeless Romantic Dreaming up possibilities For the planet.
This life - never can plan it -
Baby ima live it to the fullest if I can
AndStand up to the gargantuan
Robots & cops watching.
Boxing us into some awful operating system
And plotting constantly to Keep the population from revolting.
While the world is eroding
They'll remain the only ones

The time has come!
For us to stare directly into the sun
The time has come!
To stop blindly following swallowing crumbs
The time has come!
To take back any bit of freedom
Gotta feeling
The time has come!
To hit him with punches
From the bunches of us suffering.

Fucking Taste razor blades.
Bash face to face.
Displace the state
In any way we may.
Say no more.
All of us eaten
Bit into our flesh
And our speech
Is defeated by
Our own leaders.

Don't tell me it's ok
I don't wanna hear another damn cliché today.

If You a undercover cop or a snitch
you're a pig
And you better not set a fucking foot where I live.

We don't even know who we are do we?
It's sad to think.

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